Bio-Clean Products is manufactured and based in Sacramento, CA. Our warehouse is located at 4101 power Inn Road, Sacramento, CA, 95826, Suite B. We have been a company for 23 years, and started selling products door-to-door in Elk Grove, which has the 2nd hardest water stains in U.S.A. We have grown nationally and sell our product in Canada and South America.

This product is to remove severe water stains and stains from your shower doors, chrome, tile, porcelain, and way more. This product will fulfil those empty promises that other miracle products fail to achieve. THIS PRODUCT WORKS! To prove that it works, we provide money guarantee and shipping to send the product back. Also, shipping is free anywhere with the U.S.A.

Bio-Clean Products will take out anything, even if there is 20 years worth of stains, Bio-Clean can take it out!! Bio-Clean Products is authentic, stop by our store located on Power Inn Road and bring anything that has severe stains. We especially want shower doors, so the uglier your shower doors, the more we will PAY YOU to clean it. Tell your friends about us, and you will receive a gift of the value of $10. Make sure when you order you use the reference code: BC-T Order.