20 Oz. Bio-Clean Toilet Bowl Cleaner

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20 Oz. Bio-Clean Toilet Bowl Cleaner

The delay on sending of the bottle was twice the amount of time you indicated. I cancelled charge you made to my card before you even sent the item and contacted you letting you know I had disputed and cancelled the charge and indicated that I intended report you for fraud. A few hours after I sent you that notice you immediately shipped the product saying it had been damaged when it had never been shipped in the first place. It arrived to me a few days later undamaged. I advised that I would send you a check and I am doing so. As far as the product goes it is not nearly as good as the one I am now using and it costs twice as much. Based on the experience I have had with your company and the low quality and high price of your product not to mention your only sending it AFTER I cancelled the order and the charge on my card and indicated I might be reporting you for fraud, I really can't recommend your product.

Maria Simile-Shaw
Very disappointed

I never received it!!

Laura B

I so love this company's cloth, I expected this to be great. Not the case. Did nothing for the lime ring. "Cleans" the toilet, but does not do anything to remove hard water issues.

Tom Swinney

It's a pretty good product. But, it seals much better than it cleans the hardwater stains. They remained even with vigorous scrubbing.

Joel Adair
Best Cleaner I have ever used

I have tried lots of cleaners this is the best. Smells great. Love that.

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