20 Oz. Bio-Clean Toilet Bowl Cleaner

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Joel Adair
Best Cleaner I have ever used

I have tried lots of cleaners this is the best. Smells great. Love that.

Judy Horton
Super Product

Bought at the home show in Napa.This product is amazing.

Came hame from the show and wanted to try on my toilet which had a stain on the bowl. I had tried several other products and the stain remained so I put this to the test..I was shocked how easy and fast the stain was gone. This is the best product on the market!!!

This Stuff Works!

We picked up ours at our local home show and couldn't wait to get home and try it. We have been frustrated by our inability to remove the hard water toilet rings around all of our toilets. We squirted a bit on a sponge and rubbed it around. The ring just dissappeared. The cleaner works very well and I would recommend it.

James Wilson
Never Tried Before---Worked Great!!!

I work close to this office and I saw the ad on a Truck. We had lime ring and stains in the toilets for years. I tried this product. After 15 minutes and some scrubbing the rings of 7 years came off. I tried self help, Youtube, and lots of stuff (cleaners)...this stuff works great. I was impressed and got my job accomplished. This product and a toilet brush or S.O.S. pad and 15 minutes will give you a like new toilet. Its worth the try.

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