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Bio-Clean Hard Water Stain Remover cleans your shower doors, windows, glass and even pots and pans.

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Linda Priesing
Great product

It works like they says it will.

Michele Lindsay

Bogo is awesome! Love the products

Ernest Aquilio

Buy Two 20 Oz. Bottles And Get One FREE!


I was at a home show in Sacramento and a girl tried to hand me a sample I kept on walking and a customer said take the sample this stuff really works so I took it thinking yah right just like all the other stuff I buy and does not work. I let it sit on my counter for over a week my husband finally picked it up and said I am going to try it on the shower door WOW. He cleaned a little spot and the glass looked new. I still did not want to committ to the purchase so after about 1 month I said what the heck I will buy it online. I purchased the 3 bottle special thinking what am I going to do with 3 bottles maybe give them away. When they arrived I gave it a try on my toaster oven door again WOW was I amazed from that point on I could not stop cleaning things with it. I cleaned the inside of my oven door which I have tried every kind of product of for 9 years with no luck until now this stuff got every speck of burned on grease with a little bit of elbow grease I will not lie but well worth the effort, I then finished the shower door, then my cooktop and the tea pot I could not stop cleaning with this stuff TRULY AMAZING PRODUCT. I have not turned my family and friends onto this product.

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